Swasth Yog Institute, started in 2017, is a program of Swasth Foundation, a non-profit founded in 2008, with the vision of health and joy for all.


Core Team

Our Core team is singularly devoted towards the dream of health and joy 

Garima Gupta Kapila (Faculty)

Founder and Head, Swasth Yog Institute

Sundeep Kapila (Faculty)

CEO, Swasth Foundation

Madhuri Mestry (Faculty)

Head, Swasth India Medical Center (focussed on low-income communities)


Shweta Kesarkar (Center Co- Ordinator) 

Co-ordinator, Online Health and Wellness Center

Board of Trustees 

Board Members of our parent entity, Swasth Foundation, help us stay on our path, through their constant guidance and support


Deepak Rajanna

GM, Technology, xto10x Technologies Pvt Ltd

Garima Gupta Kapila

Founder and Head, Swasth Yog Institute

R.K. Rangan

Chairman at BLinc Investment Management

Shantanu Rastogi

Managing Director at General Atlantic

Sundeep Kapila

CEO, Swasth Foundation 

Aanand Yog Coaches Trained 

Meet our cohort of Aanand Yog Coaches! Each of them, before commencing their AYC training, has gone through a rigorous 6-month long journey of “Being the Change” by working extensively on their own well-being.

Madhuri Mestry (Faculty)

Head, Swasth India Medical Center (focussed on low-income communities)


Chhaya Divecha


Jaya Nuty

Seethalakshmi Subramanyam


Snehal Karekar


Varsha Alwani

Anand Radhakrishnan

Priya Radhakrishnan

Rasika Kulkarni

Swati Srivastava

Sandip Bhatlawande

Sujata Anand


Bhagyashree Bokare


Payal Gupta


Divya Nyati


Our Affiliates

Our Affiliated Multi-disciplinary Holistic Health experts, provide need-based support to participants of our well-being courses through empowering, self-healing modalities such as Life Coaching, Ayurvedic Consultations, Integral Somatic Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness Based Counselling and Integrative Therapy.

Altaf Shaikh

Life Coach 


Angelina Richa

Somatic experiencing therapist

Bhuvaneshwari Lakshminarayana

Somatic experiencing therapist

Dr Sangeeta Gupta

MD Ayurveda


Geeta Bhansali

Integrative Therapist

Paul Chung

Somatic experiencing therapist

Seema Dagha

 Integral Somatic Psychology therapist


Shruti Sonthalia

Life Coach

Vipul Shaha

Mindfulness counsellor

Our Supporters (funding our action, research and training activities)

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