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Problem Statement:

People are unable to make sustainable lifestyle changes to manage or reverse Non-Communicable Diseases. As a result, they stay dependent on expensive specialists and medicines for life.

Challenges faced by patients engaging with the Health Ecosystem

  1. Siloed and specialised approach of both healthcare and wellness providers, focussed on a single disease or tool. Missing the whole individual while focusing on parts.

  2. Oversimplified or overcomplicated information, resulting in it either seeming overwhelming to implement at home (e.g., complex asanas) or not effective (e.g., superfoods for diabetes)

  3. Information clutter leading to challenge in choosing therapies (e.g., constantly changing diets)

  4. Dependence on an external product or service or provider (e.g., dependence on allopathic or ayurvedic drugs, on diet charts, or healers as demi-Gods).

  5. Lack of engagement model over lifecycle of patient and the dis-ease – e.g., one-off residential retreats and yoga vacations, sporadic workshops and specialist consults without follow-up.

  6. Lack of affordable, high-quality interventions for the middle class.

Proposed Solution

Operate an online health and wellness center delivering Swasthya (Health), Swaraaj (Freedom) and Sah-parivaar (Community) to middle income people globally. Enabling participants to make sustainable lifestyle changes at their homes to manage / reverse chronic conditions by:

  1. Implementing evidence based, protocolized interventions addressing the common root cause of chronic dis-eases i.e., dis-harmony in the 4 aspects of a human being, namely Body, Energy, Mind and Emotions (BEME) which leads to a constant state of stress or sympathetic overdrive. 

  2. Integrating interventions across various therapeutic modalities and tools - Food, Movement and Relaxation, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. The interventions harmonize the BEME of the participants. The protocol is 90% common with scope to customize. 

  3. Delivering interventions through an empowering approach which combines knowledge, reflection and experiencing. This fosters the participants’ connection to their inner wisdom, invokes their self-healing abilities and makes lifestyle changes sustainable. 

  4. Covering all primary care chronic conditions and overall well-being. 

  5. Focusing on simple yet powerful tools that cut through the clutter of information to address the root cause. They can be taught by a primary care provider and participants can implement them joyfully, independently, and safely in daily life context, from the comfort of their homes.

  6. Providing affordable, tiered pricing with a satisfaction guarantee and 20-100% scholarship plans. 

  7. Combining both Group and 1-1 formats to maximize impact and sustain changes. 

  8. Enhancing user experience with a simplified flow and access to Aanand Yog Coach (AYC) through phone, Whatsapp, email and website. 


Overall experience of participants

  1. Swasthya (Complete Health): A tangible improvement in wellbeing at all levels – physical, energetic, mental, and emotional.

  2. Swaraaj (Freedom): Participants take charge of their own health and are equipped to do so through relevant knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

  3. Sah-parivaar (Community): There is sustainable integration of changes in daily life, with support of a like-minded community.

Overall Framework

Interventions are based on an overall framework of seeing existence as five layered as described in the Taitirya Upanishad and used by the Yoga fraternity for therapy over the last 30+ years. Insights from Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yoga Vashishtha, Hath Yoga Texts, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads are drawn upon along with evidence from research on alternate interventions in the last 50 years.

Our framework for health can be summarised as “Free to BE ME with Peace, Love and Joy”.

  • BE ME stands for the more obvious components of human existence which seem to govern our daily existence, namely Body, Energy, Mind and Emotions.

  • Peace, Love and Joy is the inner layer which connects BEME to the larger Cosmos externally and to an individual’s innermost layer. It is the inner wisdom, i.e., lens through which one can see the world, or a frame of reference of one’s existence.

  • Freedom is the innermost layer where one is fully Free from the limitations of the Body, Energy, Mind and Emotions.

This framework describes the root cause of all disease as disconnection from our inner self and inner wisdom. This is due to dis-harmony within our Body, Energy, Mind or Emotions. The current fast pace of life keeps us in a constant state of stress (Fight, Flight, Freeze) and compounds the dis-harmony, thus taking us away from our natural state of health through manifestation of dis-eases.

We have the freedom and resources to come back to health. The key is to re-harmonize our Body, Energy, Mind and Emotions. Thus, the root of the problem also holds the key to the solution. By harmonizing our BEME through the lens of Peace, Love and Joy, we rediscover the freedom to be our true self. Any individual operating with this paradigm experiences “I’m free to BE ME with Peace, Love and Joy”. Freedom from dis-ease is a natural, effortless consequence.

 Pricing Philosophy and Practical Implications

Pricing Philosophy:

  1. Affordable for all. Price does not serve as a barrier to seek services.

  2. Aim to recover total operating cost and be self-sustainable.

  3. Price to value of service and affordability of person, i.e Cross-subsidise.

  4. Ensure participant satisfaction.

Practical implications:

  1. For each service, define a suggested price which is affordable for middle income.

  2. Option to apply for scholarships ranging from 20-100% as per participant’s income and comfort.

  3. Provide a Satisfaction guarantee - Money back if not satisfied with intervention.

  4. Provide an option to donate additionally to support SYI’s work.

Participant Stories

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