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Our Model 

We are creating a new cadre of integrative health professionals - Aanand Yog Coaches - who in turn, will catalyze creation of a harmony-enabling ecosystem. “Aanand” refers to joy, the true nature of our full and free Self, and “Yog” refers to the process and science of internal harmony to access intrinsic joy.  AYCs will deliver Yog-based interventions for integrated health care through a range of channels. Leading from the Self, they will build a harmony-enabling ecosystem of individuals, institutions and communities that makes “I’m free to be me” a living reality.


Aanand Yog Coach Training

Aanand Yog Coach Training include a variety of interventions and courses across focus areas, delivery formats, targeted health issues, segments of people. Standardised methods of delivery, toolkits, operating procedures and technology-enabled tools are being designed for high-quality, replicable delivery. These include -

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Aanand Yog Coach Trainings

Aanand Yog Coaches (AYCs) will embody a paradigm shift for the health ecosystem, to live by the principle “Be the Change” and first experience the impact of Yog on their own lives. Thus, with a deep conviction in, and striving to be in Yog, they will operate from internal harmony, and be Self-led. Hence, their training process will equip them not only to lead growth and change among individuals and communities, but also ‘be that change’ themselves. We envision multiple “levels” in this growth journey, each stage equipping AYCs to add depth and breath to their service offerings. 


Each level is approximately 6 months, with a total of 9 levels designed in the entire process. The curriculum includes Yog Philosophy and practices, Well-being Tools (e.g. Nutrition, Yoga), and a Yogic approach to Coaching, Facilitation, Management, Entrepreneurship and Self-transformation. 


At each stage, AYCs will receive relevant certifications such as:

  1. Foundational Certificate in Yoga (affiliation with Indian Yoga Association)

  2. Yoga Instructor Certificate (in affiliation with VYASA University)

  3. Life Coach Certification

  4. Nutrition Certifications

The journey is rigorous, but every human being across the world, has the potential to not only take charge of their well-being, but also unlock their “Shakti”, their inner power, and enable others to live to their fullest potential.